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Convert Your Sales Processes into a Structured Sales Model. Increase Productivity and Produce More Sales with Documentation, a CRM, Automation & Training.

Why you need a Sales & Marketing CRM

Growing an insurance agency requires documented sales processes and a CRM that will help producers convert more leads, grow their book of business, retain customers, and give you the tools to measure sales productivity, performance, and growth. Whether your agency has one producer or dozens, integrating a CRM into your insurance or risk management agency allows producers, managers, and owners to focus more on prospects and clients that are interested in doing business with you. We can optimize your current sales process or start from scratch using industry sales models designed to convert your personal and commercial prospects into clients.

Focus on sales first

Automated email marketing is great but unless you are committed to producing the content to support it, you should first focus your time and energy on building a sales team that is proficient at using a Sales CRM and automation tools.

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Selling Personal Lines

Selling personal insurance requires a fast response to inquiries and a consistent approach to the sale. HubSpot’s marketing and sales pro hubs give you total control over online engagement. Workflows allow you to target the prospect whether you win or lose the immediate deal and automation allows producers to stay in contact with the prospect by email, phone, and/or SMS text messages.

Commercial Insurance Sales Management

Methods for selling commercial insurance vary by agency. Whether you dial for dollars or focus on building high-quality, long-term relationships, having a CRM with automation allows you to keep up the with the sales process, regardless of how fast or slow you go.

Having a documented sales process with clearly defined stages and communications statuses will ensure that producers don’t forget or lose track of any prospects. For example, pipeline automation allows you do to things like sending quick updates to prospects while you are focused on getting quotes from carriers.

Risk Management Sales CRM Solutions

Selling risk management services and insurance is not a quick sale. It takes time to develop relationships and trust with your prospects. Then being ready to act when the opportunity presents itself.

SalesPower knows how risk management agencies work and what is needed to open more doors and close more deals. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can help your agency implement a Sales CRM that will help you manage the sales process from lead to client.

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Specializing inHubSpot for Insurance Agencies

If your sales team struggles to use your CRM software, then why have it?

Having supported independent agencies using various CRM’s, HubSpot is clearly the leader when it comes to ease of use and producer adoption.

HubSpot has the tools to help you start more conversations, deepen relationships, and manage your sales pipeline.

SalesPower is an HubSpot Solutions Partner.

Why HubSpotis the right choice!

Here are just a few reasons to choose HubSpot as the CRM for your agency.

Sales staff needs to sell, not become software experts. HubSpot's user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Most people can learn the basics, learn to navigate, and be functional with less than an hour of training.

HubSpot only charges for users that need the tools for selling such as email templates, sequences, and more. If your organization has support staff who need access to the data but not the selling tools, you can add as many users as you need at no additional cost.

HubSpot only charges for 'Marketing Contact.' These are contacts which you are actively email marketing to. All other contacts and companies do not add to the cost of the software.

Email, SMS Text messages, reminders, tasks, notifications, and data updates are examples of what HubSpot can automate as sales staff engage with and a prospect moves through your sales process.

If your email doesn't make it into your recipient's inbox, then your email marketing solution is not working for you. HubSpot gives your email the best chance of getting into the Inbox.

HubSpot has integrations for almost every sales need. From VOIP services to LinkedIn, HubSpot integrations allow the sales team to connect with other software used as part of the sales process. HubSpot even integrates with other CRM's.

Roll Out HubSpot in 90 Days

We can have your agency up and running with HubSpot Sales and Marketing within 60 to 90 days.


Document Your Sales Process

The key to a successful CRM rollout is a documented sales process for every producer to follow..


Setup & Configure HubSpot

We configure HubSpot to match your sales process, import your data, and set up your user's connections to email, calendars, etc.


Training &

Train users on how to navigate and use HubSpot as part of their sales process.

What we do for insurance agencies

As with any business that is dependent upon salespeople to sell products and services, growing a successful insurance agency requires a documented sales process and CRM automation that will help producers convert more leads to clients, grow their book of business, retain clients, and give you the tools to analyze performance and growth. If you are ready to consider a move to a new or different CRM, need someone to coach you along the way, or need a team of experts to support your agency, consider SalesPower.

CRM Services

Implement your first CRM, migrate from one to another, or optimize your CRM to match the needs of your agency. We understand your business and how your CRM should be configured so no balls are dropped and nothing is lost through the cracks.

Sales Automation

No more lost deals because someone dropped the ball, forgot a meeting, or follow up with a prospect. Design your sales process with automation to ensure adherence to process, best practices, and performance.

Marketing Automation

Marketing in insurance is always on. Whether you want to focus on email marketing or use tools such as direct mail, marketing automation will give you the power to segment your message to match your audience's needs and timing.

Sales Process Documentation

Documenting your sales process requires an unbiased look at what you are doing today and what you want to do tomorrow. Let SalesPower help you document your sales process to help you identify gaps and weaknesses and prepare for your CRM implementation, 

Email Marketing

Build email marketing solutions to attract, inform and educate your prospects and clients. HubSpot provides the best choice for agencies that are actively emailing their prospects and clients. However, other email solutions are supported when HubSpot isn't the right choice for you.

Website Development & Support

Build a new website, build a niche website, or update your existing website. Having a website is necessary for insurance agencies. We can help you build yours, direct you to a trusted website developer, or update yours to integrate with your CRM. We have experience with most of the website platforms used in the industry. 

SalesPower is part of Killing Commercial, a commercial insurance training community. Although we do not sell insurance, being part of the community allows us to stay up-to-date on the industry.

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