About SalesPWR

SalesPWR is a consulting firm is led by David LeFevre. Founded in 2004, SalesPWR began as a company that helped IT companies sell their products and services through a network of independent agents and agencies. Today, SalesPWR supports clients who want to implement CRM, Sales and Marketing technologies to increase their bottom line.

We work primarily with indepent, mid-market insurance agencies but are available to help any organization ready to invest in making their business more streamline and successful with CRM, marketing and sales automation.

About David

David spent the first 20 years of his career as a technical project, systems and business manager providing vendor and consultant services to GTE, Verizon, AT&T, Bell South, Disney, Lockheed Martin and more.  David has spent the past 14 years as an consultant and agency partner selling and delivering digital marketing and technology services to organizations large and small.  David’s hands-on technical and project management skills help clients to better manage their online brand and increase sales using a variety of online digital strategies; including CRM and marketing automation, websites, SEO and SEM, inbound and content marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, sales automation, social sales and social media marketing/advertising.  

Killing Commercial

David is the developer and administrator of the Killing Commercial website and Power Producers podcast.  Working with David Carothers we have developed a education and consulting community for independent, mid-market sales agencies. https://killingcommercial.com/

To learn more about David and his approach to CRM, technology and business management, listen to David’s Power Producers Podcast Episode with David Carothers and Kyle Houck.

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