marketing & Sales solutions For Independent Insurance Agencies

SalesPWR is a consulting firm that uses deep technology, sales & marketing expertise to help mid-market insurance agencies achieve practical results with real impact. Our goal is to help clients consistently make better decisions, improve business performance, and achieve greater sales revenue.

Evaluate, Purchase, & Integrate

Hire an expert to help you make informed decisions before you buy and guide your agency through the challenges of making a CRM and digital marketing a core part of your business.

Technology Strategy

Buying technology solutions to improve your bottom line requires a strategy that aligns with your agency's business goals. Hire an expert who has the business and technology background to apply common sense to complex solutions.

CRM Management & Automation

Develop and automate CRM & sales processes to improve sales productivity and revenue. Specializing in HubSpot, Salesforce, Ontraport and other CRM platforms.

Digital Marketing & Automation

Design, develop and execute Digital Marketing campaigns to increase lead generation. Specializing in HubSpot and Pardot for Enterprise solutions and Ontraport for a lower cost alternative platform.

Websites, Content,, Support & SEO

Develop, expand & manage your agency website. Roll out a blog and optimize your pages for SEO so more people find you on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines.

Social Media

Use social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn to reach more business owners.

Domains and Hosting

SalesPWR is a GoDaddy reseller. Work with us and get access to special pricing on website domains and hosting.

Online Communities & Education

Consider building your own private social network with WordPress and Buddyboss to educate and build communities with your local businesses.

CRM Deployment, management & automation

CRM software improves customer service, satisfaction and retention while increasing productivity and sales. If you want to build a million-dollar recurring book of business, you need to use technologies that help you manage your valuable time focusing on revenue producing activities.

Automate your sales & marketing processes

Create tasks and send emails based upon renewal dates and sales pipeline, send monthly emails, implement email sequences to drive interest in your agency. These are just a few things that automating your sales and marketing can do for you while you focus on sales and service.

Build websites that attract leads & converts them to clients

A first contact with your agency is usually your website. Having a website with great messaging, imagery and organization will make a positive impact on your leads and prospect. Attract and convert new leads by making sure you are speaking directly to your audience, putting their needs ahead of yours, and making it easy to connect with you.

create a private social network for your business community.

Facebook groups are great but not everyone is uses today’s popular social media platforms. Providing clients and business associates your own private social network will set you apart from your competition. SalesPWR recommends building your own community using WordPress and BuddyBoss.

Start making a difference today

Get more ROI from your sales and marketing technology investments. It has never been easier.